Franklin Einspruch

created in year: 2017

Couple at a Bar (2017)Hydrangea (2017)Aquinnah August 20 (2017)Aquinnah August 19 (2017)Self-Portrait (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Ruggles (2017)MBTA Red Line, Harvard Square (2017)MBTA Red Line, Charles MGH (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Jackson Square (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Downtown Crossing (2017)MBTA Red Line, Downtown Crossing (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Massachusetts Avenue (2017)MBTA Orange Line, State Street (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Green Street (2017)Vivan Sass, AANE Gala (2017)Samantha Saperstein, AANE Gala (2017)Janeka Melanson, AANE Gala (2017)AANE Gala 2 (2017)AANE Gala (2017)Kathleen Foster at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (2017)MBTA Orange Line (2017)Two Women (2017)Double Model 5 (2017)Double Model 4 (2017)Double Model 3 (2017)Double Model 2 (2017)Double Model 1 (2017)Nude with Grabbed Ankle (2017)

Total works: 28

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