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Aquinnah August 17 (2021)Aquinnah August 16 (2021)Aquinnah August 15 (2021)Aquinnah August 13 (2021)Ten Purple Tulips (2020)Portrait of Karen (2019)Studio Drawing (2018)Aquinnah August 15 (2018)Aquinnah August 14 II (2018)Aquinnah August 14 I (2018)Aquinnah August 10 (2018)Aquinnah August 9 (2018)Greylock, Clouds Over the Valley (2018)Greylock, Event Tent (2018)Greylock Summit, To the Left of the Road (2018)Greylock Summit (2018)Thursday Evening Tulips (2018)Snow Stripe on a Tree (2018)Snow Day, Front Steps and Raised Bed (2018)Self-Portrait (2018)Couple at a Bar (2017)Hydrangea (2017)Aquinnah August 20 (2017)Aquinnah August 19 (2017)Self-Portrait (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Ruggles (2017)MBTA Red Line, Harvard Square (2017)MBTA Red Line, Charles MGH (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Jackson Square (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Downtown Crossing (2017)MBTA Red Line, Downtown Crossing (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Massachusetts Avenue (2017)MBTA Orange Line, State Street (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Green Street (2017)Vivan Sass, AANE Gala (2017)Samantha Saperstein, AANE Gala (2017)Janeka Melanson, AANE Gala (2017)AANE Gala 2 (2017)AANE Gala (2017)Kathleen Foster at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (2017)MBTA Orange Line (2017)Two Women (2017)Double Model 5 (2017)Double Model 4 (2017)Double Model 3 (2017)Double Model 2 (2017)Double Model 1 (2017)Nude with Grabbed Ankle (2017)MBTA Orange Line, Massachusetts Avenue (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Jackson (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Forest Hills (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Downtown Crossing (2016)Reclining Nude (2016)Karen Browsing at Porter Square Books (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Green Street (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Orient Heights (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Aquarium (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Airport (2016)MBTA Blue Line (The Scholar of Piedmont) (2016)Aquinnah August 5 (2016)Nude and Cat (2016)MBTA Orange Line (Mother and Son with Calvin and Hobbes Book) (2016)MBTA Red Line (2016)Orange Line (2016)Orange Line, North Station (2016)Orange Line, Assembly (2016)Orange Line (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Wellington (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Tufts (2016)MBTA Orange Line (Man With Hands Folded) (2016)MBTA Red Line, Downtown Crossing (2016)MBTA Red Line, Central (2016)Chenango Landscape (2016)Chenango Landscape (2016)Reading In Bed (2016)Study for Reading In Bed 2 (2016)Study for Reading In Bed 1 (2016)Rain Coming Over The Barn (2016)Rain Coming Over The Barn (2016)Landscape With Woman On A Cell Phone (2016)Landscape With Woman On A Cell Phone (2016)Tulips and Landscape (2016)Karen Knitting (2016)Study after David Milne (2016)Study after David Milne (2016)Go Problem (2016)Cafe Scene (Gulu Gulu) (2016)Woman in a Doorway (2015)Woman In A Doorway (2015)Self-Portrait (2015)B Train (2015)Nude (Circe 3) (2015)Nude (Circe 2) (2015)Nude (Circe 1) (2015)Stone Wall and Wildflowers (2015)Gould Trail Falls (2015)Storm Forecast (2015)Lodge In Fog (2015)Summit Road (2015)Mountain Pond (2015)Aquinnah June 30 (2015)Aquinnah June 26 (2015)Aquinnah June 25 (2015)Aquinnah June 24 (2) (2015)Aquinnah June 24 (1) (2015)Aquinnah June 23 (2) (2015)Aquinnah June 23 (1) (2015)Morning Window (2015)Study After Shelley (The shadow of some spirit lovelier still) (2015)Study After Ko Un (Lived wrong for a hundred years) (2015)Study After Kenneth Koch (Fernand Leger lived in our building) (2015)Study After Nezahualcoyotl (You have appeared before God's face as multicolored flowers) (2015)Kneeling Pose (2015)Half Wrapped (2015)Aquinnah June 29 (2014)Aquinnah June 28 (2014)Aquinnah June 27 (2) (2014)Aquinnah June 27 (1) (2014)Aquinnah June 25 (2) (2014)Aquinnah June 25 (1) (2014)Aquinnah June 24 (2014)Aquinnah June 23 (2014)Aquinnah June 22 (2014)NK Seated (2014)Double NK (2014)Kimono (JRT) (2014)Oak Branch (2013)November 1 (2013)

Total works: 128