Franklin Einspruch

Writing Statement

Upon learning that I was a critic, someone once asked me, What's your theory? I answered, I don't have a theory, I have a practice. It's keep looking.

I was first encouraged to write about art by Walter Darby Bannard, who had himself been described by his friend Clement Greenberg as an artist cursed with the ability to write. As such I grew up in the house of high modernism, against which an angry reaction has been grinding along since before I was born. But I believe that the essential principles of the thing, intuited visual judgment and skepticism about philosophical programs, can be implemented in a contemporary way to good effect.

That skepticism dovetails with interests in emergence, spontaneous order, catallactics, and anarchism. Consequently I'm moved to write about issues of freedom, particularly freedom of expression and cultural assaults upon it. I also code. Programming is an overlap of thinking and making not unlike art. These influences play a role for me that theory plays for other writers.

My take is unusual and not for everyone. But as Darby said, Great art doesn't care about you. I reserve the option to write accordingly.