Franklin Einspruch

Artist Statement

My concern is the figurative vocabulary: landscape, interior, still life, and the figure itself. Composing with those elements, I take an abstract approach. I want to produce a nonverbal, felt effect. Nevertheless, narrative interests me. When it arises, I welcome it. Stylistically I take cues from American figurative and literary modernism, the Asian poet-painter tradition, and alternative comics. I pursue this effort in a wide variety of drawing and painting mediums, some of which I make myself.

I was among the early practitioners of comics poetry, the use of comics syntax to create hybrid poetic forms, when the genre came into being in the mid-2000s. My comics poems begin as drawings and paintings, which I transform and augment with computer programs of my own design.

My main though not sole aim is visual quality, and I strive for it in a spirit of agnosticism about the reliability of any particular method to achieve it. Sometimes carefulness is required, sometimes one must discard it. Sometimes more paint is required, sometimes less. The same goes for style, technique, subject matter, philosophical investigations, and all other aspects of making art.

Nevertheless those things are needed, and one intuits one's way forward, choosing among them. I am drawn to a pared-down style of outlines and filled-in colors, subtly modulated. I would like the resulting works to be poems of hues, with readable if understated stories.